Tuesday, February 06, 2007

God is a Surly Cab Driver

Yesterday, after frantically running around in circles for a cab at Churchgate station, I find one, get into it and a little out of breath I ask the cab-driver:

Me: “Bhaiyya, aap Horniman Circle jaante ho?
Cab Driver: (in slow, deep, deadpan voice) “Main sab kuch jaanta hoon.”

There go my chances of ever getting into The Great Big Taxi in the Sky.


Ph said...


incognito said...

interesting style. tis snappy wit.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

well, you asked him about Horniman circle, after all.

:-) came here from n's.

Revealed said...

Heh. If only I could be him!

Straight Curves said...

well, next time, do ask him what the F he is think ing and when, if anytime, I can have my life back again thangyoovairrrymuch!

Straight Curves said...

...and *that* also explains the incredibly poor choice/timing of my "grand set of circumstances"


Urban Bourbon Ninja said...

horniman circle???

ha ha. I found that so funny, i didn't get to the cabbies answer.

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Ph: Oh you can smile all you want missy, but remember, he knows...*everything*.

Incognito: Hello and thank you! :)

Now tell me why you're incognito.

TGFI: And that's what it takes for him to show himself in all his resplendent (if a little sulky) glory??

By golly! I think I might have hit upon something here! :D

Revealed: I don't know...I think I might suffer from information overload (apart from finding things dreadfully boring forever after, that is)! :)

SC: Will do. Shall keep my eyes peeled and everything.

UBN: Heh. I know that feeling. The first time I ever heard of the place was when it was being yelled down to me, with the person on the other end of the phone saying, "Yes, it's Horniman. YES! Horneee MAAANN!" with me yelling back "Horny WHAT?? Don't be silly, that can't be its name!"

The crowds, as I recall, were quite amused.

Spazsim Chasm said...

hahahahahah... damn funny.