Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Blog-people, meet Henry, Henry, Blog-people.

Darlings! We’re back!

And oh it feels good to be back. A little strange also, because now we’re using a new computer (Henry), which is actually not new at all (and we mean that in the best way Henry, you know we always had a soft corner for the older ones), but it is much better than nothing.

Yes, that is it, my precious fluffy kittens. I was away because I was temporarily technology deprived - having quit old job and therefore, its accompanying spiffy laptop - and being back in employment limbo once again.

Somehow changing systems disorients me like nothing else - even if it involves moving higher up the technology pyramid.

I remember how strange it was to switch from a PC to Mac. My right hand index finger began to suffer from an identity crisis, all the keyboard shortcuts had to be re-wired in my brain and I had to get used to the CD drive as part of the monitor. That was the hardest part. I felt so guilty every time I inserted a CD into the drive, like I was violating my monitor in some horrible, unspeakable manner.

But then I got used to it and it got used to me and we got along well for almost two years. Until terminal wanderlust reared its ugly head and I was once again, forced to get used to a new computer – this time, a laptop.

The only thing I disliked about the laptop was the touch pad. I hated the unpredictability of it, the easiness of it. The darn thing worked no matter where you touched it, and even when you didn’t mean to. You know? Like it had no boundaries. You could never get comfortable with a touch pad; make friends with it, because it was always too aloof. There was just no sense of discovery, and…settling in and you know, familiarity. And it was just unnatural to have to use digits from both hands to click and drag things from one folder to another.

But I did love the whole oyster-shell-y-ness of it. The way it closed up and kept your secrets until the time you felt like raising its lid again. And of course, the fact that it took up so little space on our tiny dining table (which we have never, till date actually dined at) on which we keep everything else that that we don’t know where to keep.

So (sigh) I fell in love with laptop too and when it went away, I was beset by inexplicable urges to break my chooris against the nearest wall.

But now I have new-old system (Henry) and I’m happy again! Henry, blog-people, has a CPU! Isn’t that so adorably quaint? And a floppy drive (floppies! Do you have fond memories of floppies? I do)! And a keyboard that goes clickety-clack when I type and has, for some reason which I cannot fathom, a bright red ‘i’ key*. The mouse is huge compared to my last three mice (this sentence is beginning to sound inexplicably dirty to me) and my hand suddenly seems small in comparison.

I know now that the shift key on the right of the keyboard is on the shy side; she takes time to open up. Mr. Mouse is thankfully, not moody at all (unlike the last Mr. Mouse who needed to be picked up and shaken every few minutes to get the cursor to move) and I have dropped ceremonial cookie crumbs on the last row of keys.

This could be the beginning of beautiful friendship.

*A hint, you think? Does it mean I need to start talking about myself more? Is that possible? I think not.


Beth said...

Well. Mrs. Peel is a bit of a snob, admittedly, and she is sad you have once known the joy of Macs but seem to have switched back to clunky world, but I am sure she will be glad to know that Henry enables you to do what you need to do, which, after all, is the point of technology.

ggop said...

Why do you think having a CPU is adorably quaint?! All computers have a CPU, maybe the new ones are multicore but they still have processors.

Bombay Addict said...

I was SO looking forward to meeting you at the last bloggers meet. May one be so bold enough to ask why you weren't there ? Thank you.

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Beth: I'm with Mrs. Peel all the way 'sjust that Macs? They're *criminally* expensive!

So until I decide to get into drug peddling as a side business, I'm sticking with Henry. *sigh*

Ggop: Allow me to translate that from technology-challenged to computer engineer (yes?): When I said 'CPU', I was actually referring to that big boxy thing which takes up half a table and has all the funny wires sticking out from its bottom.

I now know that the CPU is a *small* thing which just happens to live inside the big boxy thing.

That's an improvement, isn't it?
*sheepish grin*

Bombay Addict: Helloooo!! I *really* wanted to be there too but I'd been at the Kala Ghoda festival all day and I was dead-dog tired.

I read all the reports and now I'm incredibly jealous. :(

What say we skip all this organising-shmorganising and just call and meet if we happen to be on each others' side of town?

SwB said...

LOL@the mice ... maddo!!

So how u been CS? Long time!

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

So there's more than one way to get a post out of a computer. Shall keep that in mind.