Thursday, November 02, 2006

Free as a bird...

...with vertigo.

Today's the day internet!

Today, after (roughly) a year of incessant cribbing about my job, I'm throwin' in the towel, chuckin' up the sponge, burnin' the bra (oh wait, that doesn't work here does it?) and movin' to (hopefully) greener pastures.

In other words, I quit.

And while right now, I'm soaring through the sky on wings of silver? I'm pretty sure it's going to be a bit of a bumpy landing. Mostly because, I don't have another job lined up.

Why am I leaving then? Well, because I haven't done *any* work which I'd actually be proud to show anyone in the last eight months or so (except for, strangely enough, some writing). And I'd gotten so stuck in a rut that my idea of 'risk-taking' (on a good day) would involve setting my iPod to 'shuffle'.

Yeah, THAT bad.

So now the plan is, I'm going to be spending the next couple of weeks navel-gazing (Hello navel! My! You do manage to gather quite a bit of lint don't you!*), reading dreaded books like this one, fighting the completely expected and entirely unwelcome panic-attacks, and trying to figure out what to do next.

Wish me luck? Or failing that, only *temporary* insanity.

*My belly-button does not really gather a lot of lint. It's just that, what *else* can you talk about to a belly-button?


Bombay Addict said...

Wow !! Admire you for this. Really do. It does require to be pushed that far to quit.

One round of drinks on me will wait - indefinitely - if you ever feel like it.

Bombay Addict said...

And I've read the book. It's good. You need it at a time like this, but don't expect too much from it.

Chronicus Skepticus said...

BA: Thank you. For the encouragement and the offer. I will definitely take you up on that soon! :)

As for the book, well, I HAVE read *some* of it, and I guess it all boils down to the fact that you need to figure these things out on your own...dammit!

Where are all the easy ways out when you need 'em, I ask you!

Bombay Addict said...

Oh btw, The first comment should've read "It does require - a lot to happen - to be pushed that far to quit".

Point being, it must've been tough to go through all that and come to a point where you chose to quit without a job in hand.

And sigh, I wish there were easy ways.

'sfunny. You did Ladakh before this decision. I'm sure there was a link.

I remember how I'd done it the other way round. Its a fabulous place to be in when you are in that frame of mind.

small talk said...

does that mean you'll get more time to blog? that would be cool for us. a daily dose of chronicus skepticus will do the world a lot of good! rip-roaringly funny writing, i must say.

Beth said...

I agree whole-heartedly that you ought to use this time to post more often. The world needs you.

Quite seriously (as was that previous comment), I am proud of you for actually doing what you knew you needed to do for yourself. It can be so hard. My girlfriends and I always say "bravery and cunning!" to each other at times like this (a phrase I picked up from my university choir director, who would say that to us before a particularly tricky bit), so my dear, bravery and cunning to you!

Lakshmi said...

Am quite there myself but can't really quit b'cos I have the monthly mortgage payment to make on my home...:( Good luck and more strength to you!

Straight Curves said...

you lucky, lucky, LUCKY thing!

curse you with couch-potato-itis

*tucks green horns in to head*

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Small Talk:
First, hello and welcome!

Second, right now I have absolutely NO IDEA how much of time I'll have to do what in, but blogging *should* continue as (in?)frequently as it does now. :)

Third, gosh, thank you! I have turned a very bright pink (inasmuch as it is possible for someone caramel-coloured to turn bright pink).

Have I told you how much I love you? :)

Oh and I love that! "Bravery and cunning!" it shall be!

Thank you so much. Here's hoping you get a chance to do it soon too.

Straight Curves:
Smee, *how* does quitting a job without another one in hand, qualify me as 'lucky'??

*scratches head*

Straight Curves said...

Smee, *how* does quitting a job without another one in hand, qualify me as 'lucky'??

uhhh...catch up on *life* time! have we become so work-cenric that we can't imagine a time of day without an actual job?

*thus spake a reformed/renaissanced workaholic*

Akshay said...

good on you girl. Sometimes quiting is the only answer - take it from me I'm one with all the quitting experience.

Beth said...

You have, thank you, and it is utterly requited.

IdeaSmith said...

Aha!!! Me is sooo proud of you....chucking one's job is a soul-cleansing, semi-spiritual experience that I recommend everyone does at least once. Since I read this on Monday, I thought "Wow, she did quit on Monday as the ad goes.." till I read the date. But no matter, good to hear you're feeling great. Keep up posted on where your new wings carry you!

Anonymous said...

Badhai ho! Say good bye to corporate slavery eh????

Anonymous said...

Chronicus Skepticus, I can understand the feeling that made u quit... I'm myself going thru it...

Sample this - I've bn in this new job for a couple of months now ... and have done NOTHING worth even a Rupee for the organization... (btw, this new job pays me double than the previous one). but the have no work for me...

Best I cud do is put the free internet to good use and downloaded cracks for atleast 50 software...

I think I shud quit too... (but not bfore I get another job)

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Straight Curves:
Smee,'re no LONGER a workaholic? You have TURNED into a workaholic? Which is it?? I'm all confused now! :S

Why thank you little one. And ummm...I had no idea you ever HAD a job to quit it. Well, lead the way then!

Smithy, I don't know if I feel 'cleansed' as much as 'drained'. Thing is, I'm in my notice period right now and pretty much being wrung out for all I'm worth.

Sucky corpo people. :(

Good bye and good riddance, I say! :D

Well, as the ad says, don't wait for 'someday'...and as another ad says, just do it! :D

(Sorry! Unemployment apparently brings out the corn in me :S)

the saint said... this ones for you :-)