Thursday, November 30, 2006

Casino Royale...

...or, My what pretty blue eyes you have Mr. Craig!

First, so while he'
s just not as smooth as him, or as twinkly-eyed as him, he does have a certain, something, no? We don't know whether it's because of the startling blueness of those eyes (such pretty eyes!), or that just-skimming-gravel voice saying, well...anything at all really, but the hormones, they have approved and once they do, there is nothing for the brain to do but play along.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new James Bond!

Blonde, blue-eyed and guaranteed to make you want to shove Eva Green out of the shower (out fragile creature!) and sit with your head on Daniel Craig's nice smelling**, broad and ever-so-capable shoulders.

Go watch it.*

*That is, if you can stomach some amount of on-screen violence. I know I spent a lot of the 2 1/2 hours a) cringing in my seat every time some mean bastard battered some other not-so-mean-bastard with less batter(y?)-power, and b) restraining myself from yelling out at the screen, "BoysboysBOYS!! Stop with all the mindless chasing each other up and down construction sites! You're going to hurt yourself (but did they listen? of course not. And *continued*
chasing each other up and down girders like particularly nimble-footed mountain goats)!"

**Alright, so I don't know if he smells nice or not, but would it kill you to leave my dreams alone?


Beth said...

Of course he smells nice. Don't be ridiculous.

crab said...

Maybe u could also watch 'Sylvia' then ! :-)

Anonymous said...

Totally Isshhmitten by him? Huh???


the saint said...

how is your 13 year old going to react to you sitting on Bond's shoulders?

tch! tch! these women of today..

(but he is awesome)

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Beth: Silly me! *Sighhh* Of course, you're right. He couldn't possibly not smell nice!

Crab: Hello! You're new here! :)

Thank you for the recommendation, I will watch it when I can get my hands on it.

Anshul: Isshhmitten is the word! But I'm a fickle woman, so I have no idea how long I'll *stay* smitten.

A week, probably. :D

The Saint:
Well...if she's really MY thirteen year old, she's probably going to say something on the lines of, 'Move on mom, these shoulders just ain't broad enough for the two of us!", in a menacing texan drawl.

I think I will stick to sons. :S

crab said...

A big hello to you too CS! :-)
I aint new here to your blog ... started frequenting this page some time back ... but cld manage to stutter a lil today only LOL
Enjoy reading u'r scribbles ... Thanks! :-)

buzz the whiskey lord... said...

aye hye D,
dint like daniel craig and cant believe u like him and to top it all imagining his body odour!!!
*rolls over and dies*

Chronicus Skepticus said...

First, thenkyeww, thenkyeww! :)

Second, *please* don't think twice about commenting anymore. I am a complete and utter validation junkie*.

Talk to me, Crab!

Buzz: *icy look* He SO does NOT have body 'odour'! AND he has absolutely nibble-licious arms.

You're just jealous because I never nibbled on YOUR arms.

Swathi said...

still laughing from ur response to buzz....
well I just couldn't see/think straight after watching him come out in those swimming trunks... :)

Tambourine Girl said...

:)) May I link this particular piece to me blog? Priceless comment section (the post too) :)