Monday, April 14, 2008

In loving* memory of

Chronicus Skepticus, Instruction Designer
Died 11th April 2008 aged 5 months and 20 days.

Developed an appalling crush on her boss (more on that soon). Had her first (in all five years of professional life) in-office meltdown. Learnt the difference between an em-dash and an en-dash, and the similarities between project managers and pond-scum (and OH SO MUCH MORE ON THIS).


If my life were a cheesy seventies bollywood movie, this is the part where I’d be in the hospital, shedding remorseful tears over my comatose blog, which is lying on a hospital bed, a white bandage (with a big bloody blotch) around its head.

I’d lean over and sob:
”Mujhe maaf kardo blog! Mujhse galati ho gayi!”

(Nothing. Not even a goddamn curtain-flutter)

"Main fir kabhi kisi job ko tumhari jagah nahin lene doongi!"

(Bastard blog resolutely stays in coma)

”Aanken kholo http (private nickname and all)! Aankhen kholo! Tum mujhe yun chhor ke nahin jaa sakte-e-e-e-!”

(And as a tear falls from my eyes onto blog's peaceful face, there is a slow, delicate flutter of eyelids, and he opens his eyes and says weakly, “Arre CS? Tumhaari aankhon mein aansoo?")

Cut to blog and me, dancing around trees in the mughal gardens. Me in a bright yellow chiffon saree, blog in tight white pants and matching shoes (think Mithun, not Jeetendra. I have *some* standards. So what if they're not very high?).**, yes. This is me, being back.

*Hey, I liked her okay? So she was prone to walking around with bloodshot, mad eyes and muttering to herself, but once you got past that, not a bad sort.

** I did say 'cheesy bollywood movie'. You were warned.


VM said...

LOL! I knew I was right in not deleting you from my feed reader.

Welcome back.

Smokin Joe said...

Kyoki Blog bhi kabhie "Online Log tha'?

:-) :-) :-)

One Trick Pony said...

arent you missing the dramatic mandir showdown with god scene?

or perhaps the vanquishing the villain in his madh island den scene?

aise thori na! dramatic coming out of coma scene needs proper precursor.

Tabula Rasa said...

hmm. acid flashbacks.

Saltwater Blues said...

good to see you again CS

??! said...

so, all those comments worked huh? I claim credit for CS' re-emergence.

You forgot the showdown with oppositional-parents.

Rachna said...

I agree with VM- glad I didn't delete you from my blogroll- AND kept checking faithfully whether you were back!

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Vijay, Rachna: Haaw! You were considering deleting me from your feed reader? Yeh sunne se pehle main mar khon nahin gayi!

Sorry, this is obviously seventies-bollywood-dramebaazi week. On a more sober note, thank you, you guys are sweethearts. :)

Smokin Joe: Eh? No, no! Ekta Kapoor wasn’t even *born* then - this is her daeddy-ke-zamaane-ki-baat!

One Trick Pony: Dammit, I *knew* I’d forgotten something!

See this is what prolonged absence from the blogosphere does to you – you lose touch with your inner chamiya.

Sucks, I tell you. Totally sucks.

Tabula Rasa: *fond smile* My favourite cryptic commenter – what would I *do* without you TR?

Saltwater Blues
Thank you, it’s good to be back. :)

How’re you doing?

??!: I’d be careful about taking credit for my return (and boy, does THAT sound weird!), ??! - pata chale janta is looking for someone to blame…patthar maaroing and all. :D

Beth said...

Huzzah for cheese! And you!

small talk said...

welcome back cs. you were missed!

Anju Patel said...

I liked this posting!