Monday, September 04, 2006

One is late...

...for the silly pic tag passed on by Vulturo, but one had, what is known as, a problem of plenty.

This guy is a clear winner, but one thinks one comes a pretty close second, what?

Oh and this guy has a jolly little gallery of participants.

And I tag Phantasmagoria, Straight Curves, Saltwater Blues, Arthur Quiller Couch (wiggle out of this one Couch!) and Rhyncus.


Bombay Addict said...

CS - lol at #2, and hmph at #1 (while v. stylish, it did not make the cut).

However, one does thank one for one's enthu in doing the tag.

Yet, one does remember one's lack of appearance at recent bloggers meet.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Gauravonomics said...

"Tan Ta Ran" You are in the Hall of Fame now!

ideasmith said...

LOl....I like it. But the piercing aint visible...:(

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Bombay Addict:
Well, thank you...I think. :S

Re: The meet
But I *explained*! It's the paapi pet, remember?

And aside from all that, why must blogger meets happen over coffee, for the love of god!

Whatever happened to good ol' drunken revelry? And standing up on tables and singing tunelessly? And drunken declarations of undying love which make your toes curl when sobriety returns?

*curtseys prettily* :)

Smithy, it's all very well to giggle helplessly and all, but where's YOUR picture eh?

Chronicus Skepticus said...


Oh and Re: the piercing, that's the problem with subtlety, no? The darn thing doesn't *show*!

Bombay Addict said...

CS - Sinful stomach is no excuse and wish you were there. But I am also wondering why you didn't participate in my Bad English Contest. Am v hurt.

I'm all for drunken revelry, (I mean did you even see my silly pig?) and I do think that bit of declaring undying (personally I prefer unrequited to bring out the true bhimsen joshis in us) love sounds like fun. Let us suggest that for the next time ?

Beth said...

Two things:
1) I have no idea to what declaration you could be referring.
2) I love that you posted pictures of yourself because I foolishly forgot to take any of you when I had the true pleasure of having dinner with you!

Oh, okay, three:
3) Is it wrong that I want to move to Mumbai just so I can come to your meets?

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Bombay Addict:
I wish I could've been there too. :(

Re: The Bad English contest

You know, I can't *remember* why I didn't participate in it. A pathetic excuse, I know, but don't I get *some* brownie points for telling the truth? :D

> I mean did you even see my silly pig?

Course I did! Heh. I wish I'd could've been there (as in, wherever that party was) too!

> Let us suggest that for the next time?

Absolutely! In fact, let's make drunken-undying-love-declarations compulsory! Oh and singing too. You're not allowed to attend unless you perform at least one of the activities listed above.

Let's have the next one soon. :D


> I have no idea to what declaration you could be referring.

What?! You know about the others?? Who told you? Oh that Akshay! He is in *so* much trouble!

> I love that you posted pictures of yourself because I foolishly forgot to take any.

Is that how you remember me?! Darn it! I *knew* I should have put up something nice to sane it out a little. :S

> Is it wrong that I want to move to Mumbai just so I can come to your meets?

No. But it *does* show everyone that your love for Akshay was so not true (ha! I knew it all along).

*smug look*

Ph said...

How about this...if AQC does it then I will be sure to do it. :)

Beth said...

Clearly what needs to happen now is we perform a song about how unreliable Akshay is, how fickle in his affections he is - I mean, he couldn't even be arsed to be in Mumbai when I was there? Whatevs! - and how we're both better off without him. And he will be sad, and go off on a photo-taking journey of some kind, and publish a rave-getting, award-winning book of the images he took while desolate and wandering, and then he will find true love, and meanwhile I will move to Mumbai and we will all have a jolly laugh about it at the party after the awards are given out.

anantha said...

Yes. Late only. But better late than never.

The Lord speakth thus....

Straight Curves said...


*wipes sweat off brow*

n said...

i have a few 'taggable' pics for u...urs ofcourse! should i send?

Saltwater Blues said...

hey CS, problem is I dont have any silly pics ... maybe when I come across one, I will email to you, o.k. *tight hug*

btw, you look sweet.

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