Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

We've been catching the trailers of 'Bluffmaster' every morning at breakfast for the past ten days, and heaven help us people! That Bachchan boy just goes on getting gorgeous-er and gorgeous-er!

The only wince-inducing detail in this picture, is The Boy's unnerving resemblance to one's younger sibling. Not so much in appearance (although there's that too), but so very much in mannerism, that they might almost be brothers. *horrified gasp*

This disturbs us greatly.

For, in the true tradition of older sisters since the dawn of time, we have consistently failed to see the younger male sibling as anything but a motley collection of germs. An occasionally funny, and even-more-occasionally intelligent collection of germs, but germs, nevertheless.

On the rare occasion that The Brother has had a phone call from a human of the opposite sex, the greatly worried family has congregated around the telephone, expecting to hear snippets of conversation on the lines of, "Your best friend is in my custody. Now say 'yes' or else...!" and "Of course I've gotten rid of the body!". Now, these conversations are obviously conducted in some devious secret code because, we have not, till date, overheard anything, that can be classified as incriminating evidence.

On the even rarer occasion of our actually meeting a girlfriend of The Brother's, we have fought hard, the temptation, to examine the said girl's head, for signs that it's been hit with a blunt instrument.

The resemblance of The Boy to The Brother, however, is forcing us to look at the younger sibling, in a new-ish light. A maybe-there's-a-person-under-all-those-germs-kind of light. A maybe-there's-more-person-and-less-germs-now kind of light.

Actually, it's the he-just-got-me-an-iPod light, which SO brings out the good-ish looking chap he's always been!


Sougata Sarkar said...


I'm sure that your brother will be greatly relieved that you are finally thinking about cutting him some slack.



Chronicus Skepticus said...
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Chronicus Skepticus said...

Hey Sougata,

1. Thank you for dropping by.

2. And as for the brother, he will never know.

No older sister worth her salt can *ever* let on, that she thinks her younger male sibling is almost-human.

It's part of the code.


Beth said...

If your brother looks like the Boy, set me up post haste! I have a new and ever-growing love of the Boy. Usually I'm an Akshaye Khanna gal, but...well, Bunty and Babli and now Bluffmaster are changing my mind. Or maybe there is room in my heart for two....

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Akshaye Khanna. Oooh yes! We think he's scrumptious too.

Have you watched Dil Chahta Hai? He's absolutely *melty* in it. All quiet and soulful and battling-inner-demons-y...


And Re: The Brother
Errr...you *did* notice the, 'not so much in appearance, but so very much in mannerism' bit, right?

Beth said...

Hurrah! More people who love Akshaye! He's my fake-pretend movie boyfriend, as I like to say. I can't officially endorse stalking, but if I happened to see him on location or something while in Mumbai in July, I would be really, really happy. DCH was the first movie I bought. I luuuuuuurve it.

And mannerisms are good. Any chance he wants a US green card?

Chronicus Skepticus said...


What is a 'fake-pretend movie boyfriend'?

Re: The Brother
Well then, don't say I didn't warn you!

Beth said...

"Fake-pretend movie boyfriend" is a slightly less pathetic-sounding way of saying "actor I fancy." It can also apply to fictional characters, but madness that way lies, as they are fictional. So, as you know, Akshaye Khanna is my FPMB. The woman who writes bollyhoo, by the way - hers is Saif.