Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cabbies and conversations

He says he loves philosophical cabbies. He recounts this one time when he'd hurt himself and was walking around with a bandaged forehead. He'd got into a cab and had just settled into the seat when the cabbie asked him,
: Sahab, aapke sar pe kya hua?
: Chot lag gayi.
: Sahab, dil pe lagne vaali cheez chot hoti hai. Jo sharir pe lage usko 'maar' kehte hain.

He's laughing so hard as he tells me this, that I begin to love the cabbie too. Not for being philosophical, though there's that too, but for making him laugh this way.


DewdropDream said...

:) I can see why!

Banno said...

I wanna meet this cabbie guy! He could be a good dialogue writer for films, no?

Roy said...

films??? I think he is better than most of the guys writing for the movies!

Anonymous said...

This reads more like Ph than CS. Have you swapped lives or just styles?

Chronicus Skepticus said...

DewdropDream: Hai na? :)

Banno: Ooo, I didn't think of that! Unfortunately, since this was neither my cabbie nor my story, we've lost an excellent dialogue-writer to cabbie-hood. Damn.

Roy: I agree! And *waaayyy* better than the guy who wrote the dialogues for that tomato of a film, Prem Aggan.

The heroine's "O havas ki aag mein lipte hue kutte!" is burned into my brain till today. *Burned*.

Anon: *slow blink*
Umm, neither, I think.

Chimera said...

cabbie rocks, i vote for Anurag Kashyap hiring him!

Roy said...

I presume that you have not seen Gunda!

wiseling said...

Haha. Well worded. My cabbies are always painfully boring. However, a cab I took the other day had this interesting little ditty printed on the rearview mirror - Love is a sweet poison. Made my early morning ride to work a little brighter. :)