Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Warm Fuzzy Feeling

> Told suspicious security card at college gate, "Hum purane students hain, yaaden taaza karne aayen hain!" Where confident and authoritative failed, bambi eyes and plenty of "Please bhaiyya, bas dus minute main vaapis aa jaayenge, promise!" worked like a charm. Heh, men are such suckers, and no we have no pride.

> Wandered around the place and got completely disoriented because fucking progress has ensured that those lovely green lawns where we'd spend hours bunking classes, have now grown ugly brick buildings like a rash. Goddamn progress.

> Got into TGIF after driving around Connaught Place (and I will NOT call it goddamn 'rajiv chowk') three times, in an attempt to find someplace that served cheap alcohol. After attempt three in a rapidly heating-up car, any alcohol was just fine.

> Went to Janpath and fulfilled the cold-coffee at De Pauls ritual. Ran into THREE other classmates doing the same. Exchanged gossip and phone numbers.

> Squealed at everything that had changed in the five years that I'd been away. Got punched by N and called a b******** tourist for acting like a, well...b******** tourist. Basked in the warmth of authentic punjabi-accented abuse.

Good times. *sigh*


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

You must be good, because you make me miss even Delhi.


Perspective Inc said...

Now am nostalgic and homesick!

iz said...

I love the way you write. Or have I told you that already?

Neera said...

shitt! now me homesick all over again!! and i just came back a day before!!

Shreyasi Deb said... brought back Delhi and nostalgia in equal measure :-) have been following your posts lately and can relate to it

upsilamba! said...

and i wait and wait and wait...for u to reappear and write something new. u know i look forward to reading ur blog. where are you D?

Sougata said...

Not to badger you, but... Where you at?

Chronicus Skepticus said...

J.A.P.: You're being awful nice. I worry when you're nice.

Perspective Inc: Aww, I'm sorry! But you know, there ought to be a law against nostalgia. It makes you miss things that are decidedly un-miss-able!

Iz: And have I told that it is completely mutual? I believe I have!

N: I'm a little mixed up actually. Glad to be back, but heavens, I think I miss my mommy! Whod've thought aisa din bhi aayega!

Shreyasi Deb: Thank you. So You're a Delhi girl in Mumbai - I won't ask which city you prefer. :)

N, Sougata: Sorry, sorry! I was being a lazy arse. It's the weather...or something. :S