Friday, December 15, 2006

One down...

So, while it's not exactly Romeo and Juliet, here's how far we've gotten.

1) Lasted longer than all ones boyfriends* (save one) - check!
2) Listened** when one needed to talk/rant/foam in the mouth/spew nonsense - check!
3) Showed one sides of one which one did not know existed (icky and otherwise) - check!
4) Been there in good times and bad - check!
5) Got one to meet new people (some of whom one actually liked) - check!

As far as intent goes, one did not start this blog with any plan of action in place (saves one all the guilt of not having stuck to it you see), one is pleased to note that this is still the case.

You 'n me blog, it's been good...well, mostly.

P.S. As for blog-turning-one-posts, this one's got all bases covered.

* By which we mean the boyfriends just turned into ex-boyfriends. They didn't die or anything. We are NOT crazy, psychopathic boyfriend-killers, no, really.

** Or at least, did the blog equivalent of listening (which is basically resigning yourself to your fate because you don't have a choice. OR a voice. Ha! Power!).


Beth said...

Huzzah! So happy you're here!

Ph said...

Yay! I want cake.

Chronicus Skepticus said...

You absolute doll, you! We *lurhhvves* you, we do!

There's cake, there's alcohol. Now hows about getting your ass here, eh?

crab said...

Happy Anniversary CS! Here's wishing you many many more ahead ... :-)

tangled said...

Just discovered, but I is to be visiting the often.
So I waits next birthday also.

Vulturo said...

Hey Hun,

Happy blog birthday and that sort of a thing...

Nikhil said... about meeting old friends? I'll be in Bombay for a couple of days around the 23rd-24th.

Met Parmesh at the global voices online summit in Delhi on Saturday, and we're thinking of an *FLS reunion*. Let me know...
P.s.: been a while since I signed off as Alter Ego. :P

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Crab:Thank you poppet! As for the 'many more ahead', "inshallah!" is what one says. :)

Tangled: Thank you! :)
Y'know I'm *sure* I've read (and liked) your blog before but I can't find it anymore. :(

Unhide I say!

Vulturo: 'Hun'? As in Attila? What, now I'm a Norse king??

But ummm...thank you. :)

Zat zounds lak a plan. I'm in, just ummm...who are the other friends?

Ah FLS! I'm getting all auld lang syne-y now. *soppy grin*

Nikhil said...

So far: Alter Ego, Parmesh, AdityaM, DiviM, Mirth, Drumster, Pre.

Lemme check if Deuskar is in town :P

It's almost eggsackly five years since the TGIF get-together in Delhi. Whoa!

Vi said...