Thursday, July 20, 2006

Damn I'm Good!

I cleaned up my desk today.

And that's the most work I've done all. bluddy. week.

Apart from mastering this ancient art, of course.



Peeyush said...

Thats much more than what I have accomplished this year.

Saltwater Blues said...

howdy there :)

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Peeyush: Hey, Long time. How are you?
Apart from (i) so swamped with work that you haven't had time to clean your desk, or (ii) need a new job even more than I do (and wow, that's got to be a whole lot!). :D

SwB: Hello! And ummm...thank you for linking. :)

peeyush said...

Who needs a job? I think I just need a rich wife, so that I(/we) can vacation in the Bahamas, and read all the novels that I have been wanting to read over the last eight months.

Vikram R K Nandwani said...