Friday, June 23, 2006

Leeeaaving (or hoping to) on A Jet Plane (and we're taking this hope thing FAR!)

You travel, we pay.

Isn't that a lovely, lovely line? Why don't people say this to us more often?

Well the finalists are up and we happen to be one of the chosen ones (and by golly we're surprised!).

We have no idea on what basis the final selection will be made, but we have our fingers, toes and eyes firmly crossed.

We're also chasing a chicken to sacrifice at the altar of the OTB gods, but the damned thing keeps getting away. There's a slab of wood close at hand and we're making a determined effort to stay away from black cats, ladders and spilled salt. A string of nimbu and mirchi has been duly hung up on our Macintosh and a horseshoe has been pinched from it's owner (let it go darn hoss! You can get another one!).

We think we're all set now. Oh wait, wish us well, blog-people?


The results are in and it turns out we're not the one. We're a *little* disappointed, after all, spending other people's money is just so much more fun!

Ah well! For those intent on walking, the road goes ever on...


Starship Enterprise said...

The pictures on your contest profile caught my eye! More strength to travel blogging!!

Ph said...

Way cool! All the best.

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Vasudha: Amen! :)

Ph: ThankyouthankyouTHANKYOU!

amit varma said...

All the best, lady, you go show them!

Mridula said...

That is crossing you have done. Have a nice day.

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Amit: Thank you *so* much!

Mridula: I'm sorry, but I didn't quite get that. :S

shub said...

goodie luck:)

Mridula said...

Sorry Divya, my head must have been somewhere else, I meant to say, it is a lot of crossing you have done, fingers, toes and eyes :)

How was the day?

highway star said...

Good Luck! and buy us gifts if you get to travel for free ;P

Sougata Sarkar said...

Congratulations and bon voyage in advance.

-- Sougata

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Shub: Thank you Shub, and hey, you're new here! :)

Mridula: Heh. Yes well, lady luck's been in a funny sort of mood lately. I'll take no chances!

The meeting was fun, quite like a regular bloggers meet.

Highway Star: So selfless...I'm *touched*! :P
But thank you :)

Sougata: Thank you and...ummm, thank you, again.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

You were definitely better than the guy who made it. On the basis of your write-up, though, I'd rate you behind two other guys. I think you know which two.

Next time, kid. Or travel on your own and write about it.


Chronicus Skepticus said...

Mr. Prufrock: Thank you, and yes, I know which two...and I agree with you.

>Or travel on your own and write about it.

Oh I plan to! :)