Tuesday, May 09, 2006

How I Wish It Would Rain

'Mostly Cloudy'* says the weather report.

Who does that help, I ask you!

What's use is a 'Mostly Cloudy' forecast anyway? 'Mostly Clouds' don't help anyone! They don't rain (or not near my office anyway) and make it an honest-to-goodness rainy day. They don't let the sun come out, so you can't officially make statements about how it's hot enough* to fry an egg on the pavement. Or about how the couple of ice-cubes you just took out of the freezer, screamed and jumped back in. Or wonder why this kind of weather always reminds you of this painting***.

A 'Mostly Cloudy' day shows you glimpses of what it's got, makes you think you can have it and then flounces away. Like the worst kind of tease.

So there you are, almost feeling the cool breeze, almost smelling that wet- earth smell, almost tasting the sweet, spiced tea that an *actual* rainy day would bring.

You! Up there! Yes, you in charge of the weather. You've got a sick sense of humour.

*And doesn't this sound like a completely futile statement? It's almost like 'mostly omnipotent'...or...or, mostly dead. I'm not making sense anymore, am I? I'm sorry, clouds-not-raining make me MAa--a-a-A-D!

**Because it's not really that hot. It's just averagely hot, but with might-as-well-be-sitting-in-the-sauna humidity thrown in. Bleargh.

***Wilt-y clocks, I feel your pain.


n said...

thats my favourite dali painting.
i love his melting clocks

n said...

ps. tho ur unfair to him when u reduce this fantastic symbol to mere signals of very very hot days. :)

Chronicus Skepticus said...

I think it's an awesome painting too, and I've no intention of reducing it's meaning in *any* way.

Yet, all art is interpretive, no? :)

Thank you for dropping by, O minimally named one!